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    Delete a contact Drop for vision fórum, Vision Express: Napszemüveg, Kontaktlencse, Szemüveg As far as we know, there are a few different modifications of the S6 robot vacuum on the market: an international version.

    This version has an English manual in the box and speaks English.

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    Some of the latest Chinese modifications are location locked. They were designed for the local China market, but for some reasons there are sellers on Aliexpress and maybe other stores drop for vision fórum it worldwide.

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    How to know if your device is locked? When connecting the device, you will get an error, something like this: "The product can be used in China only". If your device is not locked or you have an international version Before connecting the robot make sure that: Your Wi-Fi router works on the 2.

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    You should log in to your router settings page Go to the phone settings and check if the location permission for the Smart app is enabled. Turn off mobile data before connecting the robot.

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    Move drop for vision fórum robot and your phone closer to your Wi-Fi router. Reset the robot Wi-Fi settings by pressing and holding the "Power" and "Home" buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Try to connect the robot.

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    Sometimes app may ask you for manual connection, in this case, you should follow the instructions on the screen.